White Horses
White Horses, by Linda Blaskey
Neither Prayer, Nor Bird
Neither Prayer, Nor Bird, by Devon Miller-Duggan
"'Busy in my flesh and song,' writes Devon Miller-Duggan, 'I croon my jubilate for the raptors,/ wrap my soul in feathers,/ send it, leashed, to peck at heaven.' The poems of Neither Prayer, Nor Bird give us Aquinas and the Annunciation, but also angels graying the skies over Delaware, angels 'drunk on Scotch or V-8,' and baby angels on a roman ceiling, 'plush as a king's mistress's pink ass.' Miller-Duggan's angels enter history, from a dull morning's wait at Motor Vehicles to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, where 'one angel spends/ the rest of time weaving itself over and under/ the stitches around one six-pointed star.' Bold in their emotional range and disturbing beauty, these fine poems are a complex visitation. They offer strong music of grief, joy, and risk-and everywhere, a longing to find the voice of an angel 'dancing on its own sweet light.'"—Sally Rosen Kindred
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Pinning the Bird to the Wall
Pinning the Bird to the Wall, by Devon Miller-Duggan
"Devon Miller-Duggan's first book doesn't feel like a first book: the poems exhibit the range, depth and control of a mature poet"--Fleda Brown. These poems are about childhood and raising children, about painting and sewing--and about destruction, about the sea in calm and the sea in storm. Jeanne Murray Walker says that this poetic news of life might be delivered intimately, by "a friend, chatting over the backyard fence."
Hairwork, by Abby Millager
This darkly entertaining and compelling collection of poems eschews the make-nice in the interest of liveliness. Quirky wordplay, commando use of language, and a startling variety of form and content drive this imaginative and original work. In terms chatty and baroque, Hairwork explores the view from inside Medusa’s head, as well as the foibles of the intern at the bedside, toxic flora of suburbia, tickbirds, breakless taxis, and all the specters of light. Abby Millager is Founding Editor of Doll's Eye Press.
Everybody Comes to Dean's
Everybody Comes to Dean's, by Francis Poole
Why was Dean compared to Humphrey Bogart's character Rick in the classic film, Casablanca? Using research, anecdotes and personal accounts, Everybody Comes to Dean's opens the door to one of the world s most exotic and legendary bohemian watering holes, Dean's Bar, in Tangier, Morocco. Who was the late Joseph Dean, founder of Dean's Bar in 1937 when Tangier was a center of intrigue and mystery? And what made Dean's a favorite gathering place for such figures as Francis Bacon, Samuel Beckett, Jane Bowles, Ian Fleming, Errol Flynn, Ava Gardner, David Herbert, Barbara Hutton, Jean Genet, and William Burroughs? Includes illustrations, photos, and two poems by the author.
Sadika's Way
Sadika's Way, by Hina Haq
This sweeping epic tells the story of Sadika, a bright girl born into a rigid Pakistani social structure where baby girls are unwanted and where the endless neighborhood gossip ruins reputations . . . . Sadika's journey away from patriarchal oppression makes for a moving story of a life lived beyond both Pakistani and American expectations for women, and though the dry narrative voice creates too much distance between the reader and Sadika, this first novel offers a believably heroic protagonist and a relentlessly unsentimental portrait of the lives of Pakistani women at home and abroad. -John Green Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
The Princess, The Process, The Peace, and Other Musings
This book is a collection of poems concerning inspiration from women of the author's adoration, political issues that demand commentary, airs of personal reflection, and honest regards of figures that have passed.
The Princess, The Process, The Peace, and Other Musings, by Robert Vincent Mallouk
Sword's Edge
Can a lass overcome her self-doubt to uncover the traitors who threaten her clan? Will she provide her clan leader with the key to unlocking their alien mentors' mysterious past?
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Sword's Edge, by L. S. King
Deuces wild: Beginner's Luck
Deuces Wild: Beginner's Luck, by L. S. King
A bereaved cowboy and cynical space pirate are hunted by a common enemy. Able only to trust each other, the two are forced to work together. But how can two such total opposites ever make their alliance work?
Farm Poems
Farm Poems, by Linda Blaskey
Linda Blaskey's manuscript, Farm, won the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize and the Delaware Press Association Communication Prize in poetry and placed third nationally in the National Association of Press Women Communication contest. She is the recipient of a fellowship from Delaware Division of Arts and is on the editorial board of The Broadkill Review. She lives on a small horse farm in southern Delaware.
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White Horses is the extraordinary . . . collection, rich in imagery and compassion, from poet Linda Blaskey, whose work was selected by Paterson Prize-winning poet Dorianne Laux for publication in the widely acclaimed Best New Poets anthology series. Mojave River Press is proud to present Linda Blaskey's brave collection of memory, love, loss, and nature, which poet Jan Beatty, winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize, describes as "exquisitely sensual, yet peaceful…a stunning book" and Pushcart Prize-winning poet Gerry LaFemina says is revelatory of "turmoil and ecstasy that roil beneath the tranquil surface." These poems will enchant and disarm. White Horses is worthy of every lyric lovers' bookshelf; as Stephen Scott Whitaker of the National Book Critics Circle says about this remarkable first book, "These poems run wild with life."
Walking the Sunken Boards
Walking the Sunken Boards, by Linda Blaskey, Gail Cormorat, Jane Miller, and Wendy Ingersoll
"The cover photo of Walking the Sunken Boards is of Betsy Ingersoll, Wendy’s mother, in 1944, posed in front of the small farmhouse she and Wendy’s dad, Gil, built at Shipping Creek Farm, their property on the Chester River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Over the years since, the house has been expanded and revised to take full advantage of its 360 degree view of river, cove, fields, meadows, orchard, and creek. 
"For the last few years we four poetry-writing friends have met there biannually for a long weekend: writing, reading, revising, giving feedback, doing poetry-exercises, taking long walks, lying in the hammock, gossiping, eating, and laughing. We call the house and our weekend there The Muse.  And when we are not in residence, we are looking forward to our next gathering. 
"Walking the Sunken Boards is a compilation of poems written by the four of us, all of which were begun, revised, and/or finished at The Muse. The house is what holds us to look out and look in." 
The result of their efforts together, Walking the Sunken Boards, is a group book that reads not like an anthology, but like what it is: a book by one entity, they themselves, together. This is a special achievement that could never have been planned ahead of time, but happened naturally over the course of their many years together. 
See video of Four Poets and a Family Farm: Wendy Ingersoll Perry on Walking the Sunken Boards.